Cleaned up ”Tokonoma”, and started Zazen at home


I started the habit of doing Zazen at home early in the morning.

I have cleaned up a Japanese-style room that my mother used to use with a Tokonoma”.

(“Tokonoma” is an alcove in a traditional Japanese room where the art or flowers is displayed.)

Then, I have started doing Zazen towards it because I loved there.

And I became to want to decorate it with the flowers.

I needed a singleflower vase that I often saw at Zen Temple, roughly cut the thin bamboo, and that was typical of Kamakura Buddhism.

But I didn't have the faintest idea where it was sold.

When I looked for the cupboard, a bitter vase came out.

Flowers, I plucked my garden flowers.

Though I thought it would be good to have only one camellia, I thought about the matching with vase and added pyracantha.

I don’t know the way of flower arrangement, but I think it became somehow nice shaped.


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