Monotone bicycle


I was surprised because the sound of rain hitting the roof of the porch was quite loud when I got up this morning at 5.

And the sun suddenly shone from around 7 when I was having breakfast after doing Zazen.

Then I went out for a seaside walk for exercise.

The sun in front was so bright.

There were some puddles on the sidewalk.

There was a bicycle with half reflected in a puddle, and it was somehow very photogenic.

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I started the habit of doing Zazen at home early in the morning.

I have cleaned up a Japanese-style room that my mother used to use with a Tokonoma”.

(“Tokonoma” is an alcove in a traditional Japanese room where the art or flowers is displayed.)

Then, I have started doing Zazen towards it because I loved there.

And I became to want to decorate it with the flowers.

I needed a singleflower vase that I often saw at Zen Temple, roughly cut the thin bamboo, and that was typical of Kamakura Buddhism.

But I didn't have the faintest idea where it was sold.

When I looked for the cupboard, a bitter vase came out.

Flowers, I plucked my garden flowers.

Though I thought it would be good to have only one camellia, I thought about the matching with vase and added pyracantha.

I don’t know the way of flower arrangement, but I think it became somehow nice shaped.


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Twinkle twinkle little star


Oh, I want to feel autumn!

I want to keep myself in the fall, actually, not in the news.

In that situation, I visit a certain foot of Mt. Fuji.


Those small maple leaves are like stars in the night sky.

But there are too many stars of the first magnitude, to guide me the constellations I know.


This group of shining leaves is like the Milky Way!

Milky Way that Zeus's wife, Hera's milk, has been rolled.

But that was something I thought later.

Those stars, leaves, were just beautiful.

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A gift from rain


I felt a premonition that it might rain when I got off a train at Yokosuka station.

Though I don’t think I have a good sense of good direction, I strangely have a high prediction ability for bad things.

And then, it started to rain.

But the rain gave me a great gift.

A small boardwalk, small wooden benches wet in the rain along the sea, reflected the city lights.

What a wonderful sight!

It became pretty cold but I was fascinated by the view in front of me.


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Engakuji Temple, Kojirin


I couldn’t sit still during the first half of Zazen session at Engakuji Temple, Kojirin on this Saturday.

Though my legs didn’t hurt, I was annoyed about murmuring of my heart, breathing also tended to be disturbed.

I hated myself as I was.

“There are some people whose sitting phases are not beautiful today. Bad postures.

In addition, some people have fallen asleep. If you are going to sleep, don't come here.”

Like never before, the monk lectured us solemnly during the break moving to the second half.

Even though I didn’t sleep, he made me realize my poor posture.

Then, my second half of Zazen has improved dramatically.

I was able to sit still because of this verbal Kei-Saku (a wooden pole striking the shoulder with, in order to correct the posture.)


The Kojirin is a specialty dojo for the householders to practice Zen meditation.

Originally it was a Yagyu-style Kendo dojo in Tokyo, and relocated to Engakuji Temple in 1928 by the contribution from Tessin Yagyu who was also a Zazen practitioner.

It might have been for well over one hundred years from the beginning o fconstruction.

Although I heard that there is a plan to rebuild it, I like it as it is.


Nowadays,when I finish Zazen and go outside, the sun is going down considerably.

Alittle cold and a little sad.

Ican feel the changing seasons with my skin and my heart, thanks to the Zazensession held every Saturday at Kojirin.

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